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Pop-up space for women to start businesses

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Fay Horwitt is passionate about helping other women become entrepreneurs.

“One of the things that I realized is I spent so much time helping my friends with their businesses and ideating and constantly coming up with new ideas that I needed an outlet, a venue to be able to pour that energy,” she said.

Horwitt is the executive director of HUSTLE Winston-Salem -- a nonprofit that focuses on inclusive entrepreneurship.

“We have an initial focus on women, people of color and marginalized business districts,” she said.

Some of the barriers that can come with getting a business off the ground include not having mentors, social capital, or an affordable workspace, but Horwitt noticed a concept where people can have all three.

“There's a national trend wrapped around pop-up co-working where underutilized spaces like bars and entertainment venues are being used for co-working,” she said.

Horwitt used that model to create a pop-up co-working community specifically for women at The Ramkat.

The Ramkat is a music and performance space in Winston-Salem.

When women purchase a membership, they have access to the space Monday through Thursday along with other resources.

“We want to get across the fact that when you come in the door, there's going to be someone here to help you. We have a resource center. There’s someone here to give you referrals for how you can help launch or grow your own specific business, so it's very personalized. We call it low tech, high touch,” she said.

Visit this link to learn more about what the space offers.