Greensboro police investigating string of business burglaries

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro police are searching for the person or group of people responsible for burglarizing four convenience stores this weekend.

Police say the crimes happened on or near West Market Street early Saturday morning. Citgo, Yico and two Speedway stores were targeted.

The suspect broke into the stores by smashing glass and took off with things like cigarettes and cash register drawers.

After interviewing witnesses and mapping out the locations, police believe the burglaries are connected.

FOX8 spoke with one frustrated store manager who said it is a shame people are so quick to ruin others hard work.

“This company, my company, my friends, my family, we've built, fixed, repaired, worked, poured our blood sweat and tears into it and it's just kicked open, bashed open, like nobody cares,” said Tom Eichten, the manager of Dex's Diner and Alex Food Mart at Citgo.

Greensboro police have not yet released the description of the suspect or suspects involved.

At least one location had working surveillance footage at the time.

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