Residents in Davidson County community want bridge repair work to speed up

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. – Dozens of trucks move quickly as they dump thousands of rocks near the Cunningham Road Bridge.

Repairing the bridge has been a job that has taken longer than expected and some people in the Odell Acres community want faster results.

"It is very frustrating," Sherry Grainger said.

She walked down her street to see proof of the work being done.

"I actually went down there yesterday to see how the process was," Grainger said.

She couldn't believe what she saw when she got there.

"I was just shocked at the amount of work that to me, still needs to be done," Grainger said.

Grainger said the construction started in early February.

Since then, she's been forced to take other routes due to the road being closed.

"The time is what kills me," Grainger said.

She's now forking out more money on gas and adds more wear and tear on her car.

"To either go around Highway 109 or you have to go all the way around to Lexington," Grainger said.

However, the delay wasn't because crews weren't working fast enough.

"The weather has just really held us up a lot," said North Carolina Department of Transportation Division Bridge Maintenance Engineer.

He said that it's almost impossible to finish the repairs in the rain.

The recent weather conditions forced crews to pump out the water in order to continue to work, which caused a major setback.

"What we had put down for was about a months time," White said.

Meanwhile, neighbors just want their daily commute to go back to normal.

"I will be relieved," Grainger said.