Family remembers 25-year-old man killed in crash on I-40 in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- For Tonya Couch, each picture in her family photo album marks a moment.

As she flipped through her album, there are pages filled with moments of her son, Justin Piner’s life.

“You never know when you’ll have that last picture,” she said.

Easter Sunday was one of the last moments she spent with Piner.

Her son was only 25-years-old and worked in information technology.

Piner’s family says one of the things he was most passionate about was the 9-year-old’s he coached in a YMCA basketball league.

“He was so happy about this league. He even posted about it on his Instagram. You would think he had won some big tournament or something. It was really sweet,” said his little sister, Shannon Piner.

“Justin was the most generous, loving, caring person that you could meet,” she went on to say.

Piner was driving westbound on Interstate 40 in Winston-Salem around 11 p.m. Tuesday with 22-year-old Walter Overton in the passenger seat when troopers say his car hit the back of a tractor-trailer

Troopers estimate Piner was going between 90 and 100 mph at the time of the crash.

Couch was at home when she got the call. The call was followed by a knock at the door from troopers.

“I was so hoping it wasn’t true. I saw the car pull up in the driveway I knew it was,” she said with tears in her eyes.

While the loss is hard to shake, Piner’s family is now leaning on faith to get them through.

“I just trust that God is still good. He hasn’t fallen off the throne. Justin knew him and I believe that I’m going to see him again one day,” Couch said.

Troopers say that the driver of the tractor-trailer was not hurt.

They say the driver didn’t make any traffic violations at the time of the crash.