City of Winston-Salem joining Nextdoor app

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The City of Winston-Salem is expanding it's social media presence by joining the neighborhood social app Nextdoor.

City officials say they decided to join the app after an announcement made by Facebook.

"It was very concerning to us when Facebook decided that they were going to reduce the exposure that business pages have within the users feeds, we don't want to lose that exposure," said Ed McNeal, the city's director of communications.

To make sure they don't lose that exposure they are turning to the app to make sure those who live in the city that want to stay informed are getting the information they need. McNeal says they already have 20,000 Nextdoor subscribers, but they are hoping that number grows

"By default our messages get to all the people within that network," McNeal said.

If you aren't familiar with the app, you can download it to your smartphone and just like other forms of social media it allows you to post and communicate with others, but the difference is it is only people in your neighborhood. To sign up, Nextdoor will have you verify your address.

For those of you that follow Winston-Salem on Facebook and don't want to join Nextdoor, McNeal said the city still plans to post and remain very active on Facebook as well.

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