Teen banned from prom for posting photo of gun on social media

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An 18-year-old from Alaska was banned from attending prom after the school received complaints about his gun-related social media posts, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Kolton Hala attended Eagle River High School in Anchorage until last year when he was in an accident that left him with third-degree burns to his face and upper body. He was, however, planning to attend prom on Saturday with a friend.

But the plan changed after he learned that he wouldn’t be able to attend the dance due to concerns over his posts. Anchorage School District deputy superintendent Mark Stock said parents were calling school officials saying they wouldn’t allow their children to go if Hala is there.

On March 6, Hala posted a photo of his gun on Twitter with the caption, “2nd amendment part 2. YeeYee.”

A few hours later he published a tweet about prom. It read, “I’ll be at ERHS’s prom. Try not to get offended, okay?”

Hala told the newspaper that the picture was simply of a gun he liked and the tweet about prom was in reference to his American flag tuxedo.

“It’s a gun that I like, that’s all it is,” Hala said. “It wasn’t directed toward anybody. I was just sharing what I like.”

Hala told Yahoo Lifestyle that he has no plans to take further action.

“A few students are very supportive of the story,” he says. “This is a fight for the media. I’m just trying to bring light to a bad situation.”