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Urban loop connecting Bryan Boulevard, Battleground Avenue opening in April

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- No one likes the traffic and the hope is a long-awaited urban loop section in northern Greensboro will help alleviate some of the congestion.

Whether you work or live in the city, some people, like Brandon Parker, have to take Battleground Avenue every day. That's why he's excited for a connection from his part of town directly to Bryan Boulevard, the airport and other major highways.

"I live right behind it, so it'll be faster getting home from work," Parker said.

It's taken nearly four years for contractors to complete the project for North Carolina Department of Transportation. The leg was particularly hard to build because it spans over wetlands, involving a strenuous environmental permit process to minimize impact.

And because of a wet and cold winter season, contractors were more delayed than expected.

"Everything is impacted by temperature and water," NCDOT Division Construction Engineer Patty Eason said. "You know you can't grade if the dirt's wet, you can't pave if the temperature's below 40."

One advantage to the loop is keeping traffic passing through Greensboro out of the core of the city.

"I'm a truck driver and it's a big deal having to run through town all the time, but with these new bypasses it'll make it a lot easier, less traffic," said Frank Morgan, who lives in the area.

Not everyone is convinced an urban loop is the solution, saying that it could just move the problem.

"It should help people get form point A to point B better, what they do when they got off of that loop is where the backups and the headaches are gonna be," said Cliff Ellis, who lives three miles from that section of the loop.

NCDOT expects the six-lane portion of the loop to be open in mid-April.

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