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Pest Management Systems gives advice on how to deal with termites and cockroaches this season

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Piedmont homeowners could be dealing with an increased presence of termites and cockroaches this season, according to the latest Bug Barometer.

“It gives us a heads up for what to really expect coming up in the season for spring and summer and fall and winter,” said Kate Holland, marketing specialist at Pest Management Systems.

The expectation already appears to be in line with the termite calls Pest Management Systems is seeing.

“What the homeowner usually sees are [the] winged ones, these are the reproductives that swarm out by the thousands and most cases early Spring,” said president and owner Billy Tesh.

Homeowners can protect their house from insects by identifying small openings.

“As a homeowner, where you have a window or some other crack or crevice that they could gain entry into the house, seal it up with caulking,” Tesh said.

Tesh suggests people only use a pesticide when needed, but also says sealing entry spaces is a better long-term solution.

Pest control professionals say ants and mosquitoes are also issues this time of year.

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