Local Salvation Army needs help

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. - Major Luis Viera with the Salvation Army says their monthly cash flow is stretched in every direction.

"Payrolls and expenses and the vendors and case management," Viera said.

The funds are drying up faster than before, which is a huge problem. Viera said this has forced them to cut back on how much money they give people to pay bills.

"From $200 we can help you with $75, so we can stretch a little more," Viera said.

However, Case Manager Jenelle Jones said money isn't their only problem. She said there are only a few weeks before they are out of food to offer people.

She works directly with the families and individuals who need help the most. With only three weeks on the job, she constantly gets calls from people who need assistance.

"Helping with the rent or light bill, gas, things like that," Jones said.

The help isn't there at the moment.

Meanwhile, what they do have are people like Mary McDaniel, who is a Salvation Army Volunteer.

"I come just to help and it gets me out of the house," McDaniel said.

Viera said they need more people like McDaniel, the true force behind the organization.

He said the extra help is not only needed at the office but also at the thrift store.

"They complement, they make us whole," Viera said.