Woman ‘marries’ 100-year-old tree to keep it from being cut down

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A Florida woman "married" a 100-year-old tree that the city government was thinking about cutting down in order to protest the move, WINK reports.

Karen Cooper, among others in the Fort Myers neighborhood, was concerned the city would cut down the 100-year-old Ficus tree in Snell Family Park in order for a home to be built.

In December, the city's public works department approved the tree's removal. In February, the board discussed spending $13,000 to cut down the tree and replace it with smaller ones.

In an effort to raise awareness and save the tree, Cooper held a ceremony and "married" the tree Saturday.

"I told other people if they cut this tree down then I'm going to be a widow," Cooper said.

The man who wants to build a home at the location claims he never wanted the tree to be cut down in the first place.

On Tuesday, the City of Fort Myers beautification advisory board voted not to cut the tree down. However, it will be trimmed by 30 percent to make it more manageable.