It’s been 8 years since the High Point tornado

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- March 28, 2018, was a better weather day than March 28, 2010.

Eight years ago, a severe thunderstorm spun up three tornadoes across Davidson and Guilford counties. The strongest was the EF-3 tornado that moved across north High Point with winds up to 138 mph. Allyn Sims was 10 years old at the time. She recalls that her family huddled in a small closet as the tornado swirled through their neighborhood.

"We are panicking, we wanted to get our dogs," Sims said. "We were in there for 20 minutes and when we came out it was interesting."

Interesting in that her part of the neighborhood off of Johnson Street had a some minor problems. But within walking distance, Sims explains it was a different world.

"People's giant trees were down," Sims said. A house in the back section of the neighborhood, the top part had been twisted then dumped."

Unfortunately, Jill Carter's home was severely damaged by the tornado. Multiple windows were blown out, the roof was destroyed and everything inside was soaked by the pouring rain.

"This is our tornado-versary, our eighth tornado-versary," Carter said. "March 28, we remember that date like birthdays, anniversaries or anything like that."

Most of us can recall Carter's story. Carter and her husband were out of the country when the tornado hit their home. So their children tried to protect them from the terrible news as long as they could.

"By the time we got back in the country, our house was empty, we were stripped to studs and they even had a place for us to spend the night," Carter said. "They even had a hotel room booked for us."

On the eighth tornado-versary, Carter doesn't think about the violent wind storm. She focuses on the volunteers that helped her and her Blairwood neighborhood homeowners.

"The things we remember more are things like how many people came to help, good things like that instead of the pain of loss," Carter said.