Guilford County deputies warn of home break-ins

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Detectives with the Guilford County Sheriff Office are searching for suspects in a string of home break-ins since March 9.

J.R. Marshall, with the sheriff office, said the eight reported break-ins have all happened in the eastern part of the county near McConnell, Millstream and Rock Creek Dairy roads.

“That’s very unusual and they’re taking the same kind of things so we think it’s the same people,” Marshall said.

Items reported stolen are jewelry, electronics and firearms.

“It’s been happening when people aren’t at home. One case, people were home asleep, they worked the night shift and we think that they’re knocking on the door and if nobody’s home they’ll go around to behind the house or the side of the house that’s not visible to the main area and kick the door in,” Marshall said.

Deputies are asking any homeowners with video surveillance to turn it over.

Neighbors have noticed increased patrols.