Greensboro Housing Hub works as one-stop location for people needing affordable housing

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- At the grand opening of the Greensboro Housing Hub, Gov. Roy Cooper praised the collaboration that will help people get into affordable housing.

The hub is a collaboration between six nonprofits that specialize in affordable housing from building the homes to teaching people how to manage their money. They all have a niche and they all complement each other.

"You know, there probably are some ways we compete some, I mean that's reality, but the question is are we serving better and are we stronger together, and of course we are," said Maria Hanlin, the local Habitat's chief executive officer. "So I think nonprofits sometimes are a little scared of that real collaboration and so I just want to say we're doing so much more and we're so much more efficient with funding."

The unified location makes it easy for the clients who may not have the time or money to be running all over town to help.

The benefits of the hub are already showing. It has opened a new level of efficiency that means more of their budget goes directly to helping people.