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Parents speak on deadly disagreement between teens in Rockingham County

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- Parents of the two teenage boys involved in a deadly shooting disagree on why it happened.

Deputies rushed to 122 Clebourne Lane in Reidsville Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m.

Investigators say 18-year-old Dylan Christian and his dad Adam drove to 18-year-old Noah Belton's house Wednesday evening.

Adam Christian says he took his son to meet Noah in hopes the two teenagers could end a dispute which started on Facebook.

"They were bickering back and forth," Christian said.

Christian said once they got to Noah's house, they noticed he was waiting outside.

"He grabbed the shotgun behind the bush and he was running towards us," Christian said.

He said his son tried to run for cover after being attacked.

"Every time he'd try to open the door to get in, Noah would hold the gun up like he would shoot through," Christian said.

Adam said Noah shot Dylan through a passenger window.

However, Noah's mom Tracy Nettles says her son is the real victim.

Nettles said her son was provoked.

"Dylan continued to threaten my son over social media," Nettles said.

She said Noah shot Dylan because he was protecting himself and his family, but thinks afterward, fear set in.

"I guess my son was scared about what transpired and he took his own life," Nettles said.

Christian says his son is recovering with non-life-threatening injuries in a local hospital.

It's this type dispute Tara Muchini is here for.

"A lot of folks don't even know that we exist," Muchini said.

She's the director of Rockingham County Youth Services.

Muchini said they have counselors trained to help teens resolved their problems without the using guns.

"They're having trouble dealing with anger, with conflict, they can come here and we can help them work that out," Muchini said.

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