Man arrested for Hanes Mall hit-and-run bonds out again

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The man targeted by bondsmen in the Hanes Mall parking lot on Saturday has bonded out once more, after turning himself in to police around 9 a.m. Thursday.

Police say Nathaniel Artillery Taylor was wanted for several outstanding orders for arrest when bail bond agents attempted to recapture him around 7:20 p.m. Saturday. Investigators say when agents approached Taylor, he began driving recklessly. One of the agents, who was in the path of the vehicle, fired his weapon at Taylor, hitting his vehicle in the parking lot.

Detectives say Taylor continued to drive away from the scene, hitting a vehicle in the parking lot and another vehicle on Hanes Mall Boulevard.

Taylor then ran away from his vehicle after it came to rest in the driveway of the Silas Creek Shopping Center.

“We’re relieved, we are relieved,” said Nathyl Snipes, Taylor’s older brother, after Taylor turned himself in.

Snipes told FOX8 what he believes was going through Taylor’s head at the time of the shooting.

“His whole thing was, ‘I don’t know what’s going on, as far as I know they were robbers. They could have been anybody, I just see guns, and I react and they shoot,’” Snipes said.

Snipes said the family doesn’t condone Taylor’s actions, but adds their concern “is the excessive force that was applied.”

Taylor evaded law enforcement for about five days before he and his lawyer arranged his surrender to police.

Snipes said Taylor feared for his life following the shooting.

“'They trying to kill me, they trying to kill me, they trying to kill me, they trying to kill me,'” Snipes said, detailing Taylor’s thoughts.

Snipes adds that the family believes the bondsmen should have contacted law enforcement instead of discharging a firearm in the mall parking lot.

“A Winston-Salem police officer, ‘I got a suspect in sight, what to y’all want us to do,’ and let the professionals,” he said.

Snipes also issued an apology to those affected.

“On behalf of him, he apologizes with all sincerity,” he said.

Authorities say Taylor bonded out Thursday evening around 5 p.m. ​

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