Patrick County man shows the art of fly tying for fishing

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PATRICK COUNTY, Va. -- When Kevin Merritt heads out into a trout stream he's not just looking for fish, he's looking to see what fish are eating.

"When I'm flipping rocks that's what lets me know what's on the bottom and what to start imitating," said Merritt, while entering the Dan River at Primland. What he finds here he replicates through the art of fly tying. "For me the simplest flies are sometimes the best."

Using threads, feathers and various kinds of fibers he turns a bare hook into bait.

"It's more like being a chef than anything else," he said. "All I'm doing is creating a reflection of what's occurring in nature."

Quite often the flies he ties can be tiny, but no matter if it's simple or fancy it's all about fooling fish.

Merritt teaches fly tying every Friday at Primland, located in Meadows of Dan, Virginia.