Three puppies dead, family injured, after bee attack

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Glendale, Ariz. — “It has a lot of bumps right here,” said Esther Julian.

Julian’s dog “Pixie” had just had six healthy puppies, but now three of them have died and one is missing after an unexpected bee attack.

“We had to get all the puppies at the same time and run inside the house,” said Julian.

The dogs were attacked by a swarm of bees in the backyard Wednesday afternoon. Julian and her 1-year-old daughter were also stung but focused on getting the dogs to the vet.

“They were giving them injections to save them but two of them died,” said Julian.

A third puppy died at their home an hour later. A bee exterminator was called out and says clutter may have attracted nearly 30,000 bees to the backyard.

“A lot of empty soda cans here, which the bees like to feed off the sugar,” said the exterminator.

He told us the Africanized bees are aggressive and could attack anybody at any time.

So how can you protect your pets if they’re stung? Dr. Lara Sosnow said to grab common household items first.

“If you can find the stinger, try to get it out. You can use tweezers or cardboard or a credit card,” said Sosnow.

But she said the second it gets worse, you need to get professional help and fast.

“If it goes beyond just a quick irritation and it develops into swelling of the face, eyes, or neck, then you need to go to your veterinarian,” said Sosnow.

A family is now grieving the loss of their puppies, as bee swarm season is only just beginning.

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