Davidson County District Attorney Garry Frank says school shooting threats are not a game

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. – Davidson County District Attorney Garry Frank has a message for students: School shooting threats are not a game.

He said he knew the threats would come after the Parkland, Florida school shooting last month that resulted in 17 people being killed.

Frank didn't know how far some students would take it until Thursday when he learned a Davidson County High School student was arrested the day before.

Deputies found a gun in his car after a search near school grounds.

The district attorney said it's time to make point on where the office stands on school threats and guns on campus.

"Where we believe we have a good case on the law, under the statues we have to deal with and particularly we want to make as much statement as we can," Frank said.

He said not all cases and threats are the same. It's the students who can follow through on the threats that needs more attention.

"Actually, on Facebook they're making the threats and they've got the ability to do it by what we find in their home," Frank said.

Frank said he'll seek punishment to the fullest degree to give families peace of mind.

"Our judgement believes to help protect the public and help discipline the person whose done it," Franks said.