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Heartwarming photo captures Joe Biden’s candid moment with homeless man

GEORGETOWN, Wash. — A beautiful picture captures a candid moment between former Vice President Joe Biden and a homeless man.

The now-viral photo was taken outside a Georgetown AMC movie theater by Caleb Baca and shared on Facebook by D.C. Public Affairs consultant and business Paul Equale on Friday, WTTG reports. Biden was reportedly at the theater with his granddaughter.

The post read, “Joe Biden took his granddaughter to the movies in Georgetown last night…..on his way out he stopped to speak w/ a homeless man. A bystander took this candid shot. Character is about what you do when no one is watching.”

In the photo, the former vice president appears to give the man something.

“I’m not exactly sure what he gave the homeless man, but he appeared to write something down on a piece of paper inside the movie theater, which he then proceeded to give the homeless man outside,” Baca told the station.

The photo has more than 190,000 likes and 131,000 shares.