Guilford County Schools receive CPR training kits

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The goal is to make sure students know a lifesaving technique.

“There’s no telling what happens around you, I want all my players to be certified in CPR,” said Brien Braswell, physical education teacher and soccer coach at Ragsdale High School.

Braswell teaches CPR at the school – a graduation requirement.

“It’s supposed to be part of the curriculum in eighth grade, but we often have students who have moved to us from other states where it is not a requirement, or we have students who may not have met that requirement in eighth grade and then they need to catch up when they’re in high school,” counselor Suzy Townsend said.

Ragsdale just received some help to meet the mandate.

It was one of 12 Guilford County Schools to receive a CPR training kit.

Piedmont Natural Gas provided a grant to cover the kits in partnership with the American Heart Association.

“We had to borrow them from the middle school, so it depended on their schedule and then we had to go to them and pick them up and return them, so it was a little bit more hectic and difficult and a little bit more time consuming,” Braswell said.

This donation will give the school more flexibility to hold sessions when needed.

Guilford EMS says a bystander knowing CPR can make a significant difference assisting someone in distress until emergency responders can arrive.

“The majority probably don’t know CPR and just in Guilford County, one of the things that we know is only about one in four cardiac arrest patients receive any type of bystander CPR, only about 25 percent, that’s a pretty low number,” said Chris Wilson, Guilford EMS emergency services manager.

The other schools that received the gift are Andrews High, Dudley High, Eastern High, Grimsley High, Northeast High, Northern High, Northwest High, Smith High, Southern High, Southwest High and Western High.

The schools were selected based on need.