Elderly woman attacked by possibly rabid-otter while kayaking

Asian Small clawed otter

BRADENTON, Fla. — A 77-year-old woman is recovering after she was attacked by a wild otter while kayaking in Florida, according to Fox 13.

Sue Spector was kayaking with her husband and a group of people early Sunday morning in the Braden River when the otter jumped on her kayak and then jumped on her.

“I took my paddle and I tried to get him off of me and he wouldn’t let go and I kept screaming, I kept beating him with a paddle,” Spector said. “When you’re [in the middle of] it you don’t have a lot of thought except you hope you survive.”

Spector’s kayak also flipped over, causing her to fight off the animal as she was neck-deep in water.

The animal eventually got off her and the rest of the group kept the otter away while guide got Spector and her husband out of the water.

Spector went to the emergency room Sunday and is now on antibiotics and is being treated for rabies.