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Residents at Thomasville apartment complex talk about shooting that happened Thursday morning

THOMASVILLE, N.C. – Sarai Escamilla said she'll never forget what happened Thursday morning.

Sarai was going in the living room around 12:30 a.m. to watch television. That's when she heard a familiar sound as she stepped toward the couch.

"All of sudden start hearing shooting like gunshots and stuff," Escamilla said.

She immediately knew what to do and got behind her couch.

Police have now arrested 25-year-old Joseph Simon for opening fire at apartments on Memorial Park Drive.

One of those bullets came through Escamilla's living room window. She said it's a matter of a few inches as to why she wasn't injured.

"This could've been my last day," Escamilla said.

Jimmy Simmons lives right across the street from the apartments. The sound of gunfire woke him up.

"I heard about three shots," Simmons said. "Then about nine or 10 shots."

He said he regrets buying a home for his mom in this neighborhood.

As her caretaker, he's scared to leave her side knowing how innocent people can get caught in the crossfire.

"It worries me because she can't do anything, she can hardly get around at 90 years old," Simmons said.

Escamilla said there's only one thing on her mind going forward.

"I hope soon we can leave this place because it's really not that safe," Escamilla said.

Police said Simon was jailed in Davidson County and has court planned for next month.