Page High School students calling on city to address traffic concerns

GREENSBORO, N.C. --  Some students at Page High School say their safety is at risk and they’re calling on the City of Greensboro to do something about it.

Mykel Berrie walks to and from school every day. She decided to speak up after a student was hit by a car last month. Although that student is OK and back at school, Berrie is afraid it could happen to her or someone else.

“It just shook me to know that people saw her laying on the ground,” Berrie said.

Berrie was one of several students who spoke out at a Greensboro City Council meeting. Students talked about too much congestion, a lack of sidewalks and students jaywalking in the street.

“We’ve been aware of some of the concerns, some of the concerns were fresh and new to me,” said David Parrish, the assistant city manager.

Parrish says the city is looking into their concerns. Construction on a sidewalk at East Cone Boulevard and Alma Pinnix Drive should begin this year. Crews already added crosswalks and pedestrian signals there.

Parrish also says this week officers monitored traffic around the school and the transportation department is checking the timing of signals.

Some students also said they would like to see a sidewalk and crosswalk near the sophomore parking lot off Alma Pinnix Drive.

Parrish says the city could add the crosswalk but the school system would need to put in the sidewalk on its property first.

Right now, GCS has no plans to do that.

“We try so hard as students and we shouldn't be scared to come to school,” Berrie said.

A representative for the school system says they are not planning to add a sidewalk by the parking lot because they don’t have the money to do it. Those funds are needed to make structural repairs to our aging schools.