IFB Solutions in Winston-Salem houses facility for blind or low vision people

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – IFB Solutions is known for its manufacturing facility in Winston-Salem, but many people don’t know about the Community Low Vision Center housed on the same campus.

“We have seen a lot of that, especially right here in this city in Winston, that a lot of people come in who live here and this place has been here for a while and [they] have never heard of it before,” said low vision associate Shonn Redmon.

The center not only helps employees, but it’s open to people in the public who are blind or have low vision.

“Some people, they make our ophthalmologist, their own ophthalmologist, so they’ll come in and get exams or they will come in and have tech talk with us,” said low vision associate Stephanie Davis.

The center not only offers detailed exams, but a variety of technology that can help blind and low vision people.

The technology includes items that can magnify words for reading, read text to a person, help organize groceries using color coded labels and ensure that a person is taking the correct medication by reading pharmaceutical labels.

“The majority of the people who come here are older retired adults, most with macular degeneration, one of the top diseases that we see here,” Redmon said.

“But we are trying to get the mid-range, from the 30s, the 40s because those are the ones who need the product, who are actually in the workforce or in school,” he said.

The Community Low Vision Center in Winston-Salem is open Monday through Friday at 7730 North Point Boulevard.

People can schedule appointments for an exam or to learn more about technology.

Income-based assistance is available.

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