Speakers to address important social topics during all-day forum in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- As a Sociology Professor at UNCG, Stephen Sills is very comfortable with speaking in front of large groups. But what he’s rehearsing now in front of about ten people feels very different.

“I’m not so much nervous but the script is fresh and I'm not used to thinking in terms of a script,” he said.

Sills is practicing for a presentation he'll give during TEDx Greensboro on March 22 at the Triad Stage in front of about 320 attendees.

“I’m learning to be a performer on top of a presenter of information,” he said.

Sills would like to convey the importance of visualizing data to better inform the public and policymakers of pertinent issues.

“We're faced with many social problems today and we need to be the most informed that we can on how to solve those,” Sills said.

He is one of more than a dozen scheduled speakers on the list made up of authors, actors, a civil war expert, and even a ghost hunter, who will cover a wide range of topics.

“The motivation is just to build community, involve people, bring together people who are different from each other to come to the same place and have a chance to interact,” said Skip Moore, the licensee for TEDx Greensboro.

The all-day forum is in its sixth year in Greensboro and its mission is simple: to showcase presentations by thinkers and doers sharing exciting ideas worth spreading.

“People are constantly asking what are you trying to do and what do you want people to do,” Moore said. “We don't want people to do anything except have a good enriching experience, meet new people, interact and share ideas.”

TEDx Greensboro is run by volunteers and the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro has been a longtime partner.

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