Winston-Salem officers pull woman from car before it bursts into flames in West Virginia

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- While Morgantown is not Winston-Salem police jurisdiction, four Winston-Salem officers jumped into action when they came across an accident on Interstate 79 North near exit 152 on Saturday.

The four officers were on their way to Pennsylvania to pick up their newest K-9 officer when an accident happened in front of them, resulting in one of the vehicles going into the median.

The officers, who were in police vehicles, were able to activate their lights and stop traffic so they could approach the car.

Capt. Mike Weaver tells FOX8 that the driver didn’t want to get out of the car, but they were able to pull her out and get her to safety.

“The door was already open, she was just dazed and confused and wasn’t sure what was going on,” Weaver said.

Two City of Winston-Salem marketing and communications employees -- who were along for the trip to document the officers picking up the K-9 -- began recording the scene.

Video shows small flames and smoke coming from the car’s front end, with the officers attempting to put out the fire. However, the flames grew, and the car became fully engulfed.

“We got her out in plenty of time,” Weaver added.

The Winston-Salem officers had called 911, and shortly after the car burst into flames, local first responders arrived to put the fire out and treat the driver, who had minor injuries.

“I just hope the other motorists in the same area would have stepped up and done the right thing and I’m sure they would have,” Weaver said. “We just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”​