Some Greensboro neighborhoods on edge after string of home break-ins

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Some Greensboro neighborhoods are on edge after a string of home break-ins.

Police say home robberies are on the rise throughout the city, but two south Greensboro neighborhoods are seeing an unusual spike.

The neighborhoods southeast of Randleman Road and Vandalia Road saw six home break-ins during the past month. One woman who lives on Webster Road was hit twice in February.

A neighborhood off of Pleasant Garden Road and Liberty Road had four break-ins during the same time.

Police say the thieves are targeting homes and apartments. They can hit at any time of the day, but police say they usually target home during the day time while people are at work.

They're looking for anything they can get quickly, like money, electronics, game systems and jewelry.

“They want to get in. They want to get out," Officer Marcus Mebane said.

Police aren't sure if any of these break-ins are linked, but the trend is still concerning. Neighbors of the burglary victims say they're scared their homes could be next.

Police say you can take steps to prevent that from happening. Always lock your doors and windows when you leave. Report any suspicious activity to police. If your budget allows, consider installing a home security system or cameras.

And get to know your neighbors.

“Your neighbors are your eyes and ears when you’re gone," Mebane said.

Check out your community's neighborhood watch group. If it doesn't have one, start one.

“Get involved with your other neighbors that have a vested interested in keeping the neighborhood safe," Mebane said.

Police are always there as a resource too. Every neighborhood in Greensboro has a community resource officer. They're available to check out the security setup at your house to help keep your family safe.

“We can come out and do a security survey and give you some ideas, how to make your home a less likely target of a burglary," Mebane said.

To connect with your community's CRO, call Greensboro police's non-emergency number at (336) 373-2222.

Greensboro police are also using Guilford County's emergency alert system to get the word out about these crime sprees. You can download the Guilford Emergency Alert, Notification, and Information System (G.E.A.N.I) at