Man attacked by rabid fox in Randolph County

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- A fox attacked a man in Randolph County Monday afternoon.

Howard Callicutt said he was in his backyard off Cedar Falls Road when the animal came at him. Callicutt said the fox bit his legs and arm repeatedly.

“It had foam coming out the corner of his mouth,” Callicutt said. “It was snarling and growling.”

The 68-year-old cancer patient said he used a plastic bag to distract and trap the fox.

“I was just thinking if it gets me down on the ground, where it can get to my throat, it is probably going to kill me," Callicutt said.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Randolph County Health Department confirmed that the animal tested positive for rabies.

This is the seventh rabid fox case in the county since July.

“It is a little high to have that many confirmed rabid foxes and those are just the ones we know about,” said Susan Hayes, the public health director. “There are probably plenty out there that we don't know about.”

The health department passed out flyers warning people who live in Callicutt's neighborhood. The flyer urges people to not leave food outside and make sure their animals are up-to-date on shots. It also encourages parents to talk to their children about not approaching wildlife.

“I’ve lived here 68 years and I've never seen nothing like that,” Callicutt said.