Fleeing suspect rescued from drainage ditch

CONYERS, Ga. — A suspected drug dealer in Georgia was rescued by police after he became stuck in a drainage ditch while hiding from authorities.

Joe Hobson Jr. found himself in the unfortunate situation after officers pulled him over and he ran from his vehicle onto a nearby property. While hiding, Hobson became stuck in a muddy drainage creek.

Rescue workers from nearby Rockdale Fire Rescue were able to pull Hobson from his hiding spot.

“Rockdale Fire Rescue did a fantastic job safely extracting Hobson from an extremely dangerous predicament,” police said in a Facebook post. “He was transported by National EMS to the hospital and confined to Rockdale County Jail before the night was over.”

Hobson was found with 29 grams of cocaine, 7 grams methamphetamine, 12 ounces of marijuana, oxycodone, liquid codeine, two handguns and had $4,000 cash.