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Woman accused of poisoning look-alike with cheesecake to steal victim’s identity

NEW YORK — A woman is accused of trying to kill her look-alike with poisoned cheesecake in an attempt to steal the victim’s identity.

WPIX reported that Viktoria Nasyrova, 42, of New York, allegedly brought a cheesecake with the drug phenazepam, a type of tranquilizer, to the victim’s New York City home in August 2016.

Authorities said the 35-year-old victim ate the cake and then started to feel sick. She said her last memory is seeing Nasyrova sitting beside her.

The victim was found the next day dressed in lingerie with phenazepam pills scattered around her body.

Prosecutors said it was a fabricated scene meant to convince investigators that the victim tried to kill herself.

When the victim returned home from the hospital, she found that her passport, employment authorization card, cash and jewelry were missing.

Investigators noted that the suspect and victim resembled each another, both have dark hair, the same skin complexion and speak Russian.