Randolph County Schools exploring ways to expand its food choices for students

TRINITY, N.C. -- Lunch at Trinity High School is a time for students to chow down.

“Oh, you get to mix the chicken and rice with the hot sauce and ranch. Best combination you can have,” said Brian Lemoy, senior at Trinity High.

As the students go through the line to fill up their plates each day, school leaders in Randolph County are paying close attention to what's being served in cafeterias throughout the district.

“We are looking not only to develop new menu items but we also want to improve on the existing items that we have. We do a lot of scratch based items,” said Kelly Green, school assistant nutrition director.

The district formed a menu committee this year which is made up of administrator’s parents and students.

“Everybody wants their opinion to be heard and we want to be that voice for them. We want to allow them to have that opinion when it comes to meals that we serve,” said Jayme Robertson, registered dietitian for Randolph County Schools.

“It gives them the opportunity to know what our guidelines require, but also what we require as a school district to make sure students are well fed and stay healthy,” Green said.

A lot of the food is already made fresh daily in the cafeteria.

For instance, the hamburgers, the chicken that is often paired with rice, vegetables and whole grain items like these tortilla chips.

Pizza is a big favorite among students. The committee is currently looking for the healthiest supplier for the pies.

If you want to share a food idea or see how some of the items taste, the district holds taste tests throughout the school year.