Local viewers talk about the impact of ‘Black Panther’ on the community

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Millions of people continue to flock to see the “Black Panther” movie.

Some viewers say it destroys a lot of myths about African people, culture and heritage.

"I think it's essential, critical," said North Carolina A&T African American Studies Professor Aaron West.

West has seen the movie and gives it all out praise.

He said the movie is showing a culture that is hardly ever portrayed in a positive light.

"It's not just raw, brute strength where he's beating everybody up," West said.

West said there's finally a film where black people are seen as almost being superhuman.

"We see Africans we are technologically advanced, we have technology and skills and abilities beyond what normal people have," West said.

This one-of-a-kind movie deeply impacts Ajuana Bruno.

"Well I've doing theatre since I was nine," Bruno said.

She's a third-year theatre major student at North Carolina A&T University.

Black Panther is the only thing she and her friends talk about.

"Since the movie has come out we've all been so together on this topic," Bruno said.

Her first takeaway from the movie highlights African Americans being kings and queens.

She said seeing an all African American cast for the first time is a huge milestone in the modern black film industry.

"It's made me want to work harder knowing that I can achieve more, definitely," Bruno said.

Now she has all the motivation to fulfill her dreams of becoming an actress without any limitations.

"There could be a whole different outlook on this culture instead of us just going the same thing and the same image all the time," Bruno said.