Girl punches student making school threats in the face, gets suspended

CAIRO, N.Y. -- A student in New York was suspended after she punched a classmate who told her he had bullets and intended to harm other students, according to WTEN.

Crystal Williams-Phillips said she hit her 15-year-old classmate at Cairo-Durham High School after he told her that death is a joke.

Police are now investigating and the student who made the threat to Williams-Phillips has been arrested.

The freshman said she walked down to the main office and admitted to punching the student after the attack.

She said, “I feel that he was a dangerous person” and that the student who made the threat “admitted it to me and admitted it to other students.”

Now, she's worried about what potential colleges will make of the situation.

"It means a lot that I am in honors and I don’t want that to be taken away from me," she said. "And I understand that punching him in the face wasn’t the best solution, but if I hadn’t, none of this would’ve worked out the way it did.

Her stepfather echoed the same concerns but said she was a "hero" for what she did.