Local business offers background check tips when hiring entertainers

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- After a sex offender was arrested for working as a magician at "kid night" events in Greensboro, the magic word parents should know is background check.

"That's one of the critical aspects of running a background check is verifying someone's identity, where they've lived, so now we have an indicator as to where to search for criminal information," President of Edify Background Screening Chas Scott said.

Scott works with businesses across the country to run background checks and drug screenings for new hires. He says verifying someone's identity is the first step.

"We want to also look for activity, we want to look for responsibility and we want to look for credibility," Scott said.

He says individuals don't have the same resources as a business like his own, but one thing you can do if you're hiring a performer or entertainment for a party is check the sex offender registry or local county court system once you know where the subject lives.

You could also mention you plan on running a background check to scare off people who maybe shouldn't be applying for that gig.

"You have something valuable and you want to entrust that with people that you need to know something about," Scott said.

If you're having trouble finding someone, they may be using a fake name or alias. Scott says aliases aren't all that uncommon, especially for married women using their maiden names.

You can always request to see the person's driver's license to see if the name matches, or hire a local business to run a check, which Scott says could run from $30 to $40. Subjects need to consent to signing a form before that business can run a background check.