Davie County Schools officials investigating after inappropriate photographs circulated among middle school students

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DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. — Davie County Schools officials are investigating after inappropriate photos were circulated among students at William Ellis Middle School.

“Some of the photographs are just students taking photographs of themselves in various poses,” Davie County Sheriff J.D. Hartman said. “I won’t say pornographic or not pornographic.”

The Davie County Sheriff’s Office received reports of the photos from school officials after a school assembly intended to educate students about the dangers of sexting, vaping, social media and more.

“You send a photograph to 10 of your friends who then send it to 10 of their friends,” Hartman said. “Once you put something out there, you cannot get it back.”

There have been no charges filed against anyone, nor have there been any petitions sought.

“There is no indication of any adults being involved,” the sheriff’s office said in a release. “The school system has addressed the juveniles involved through their internal processes.”

Hartman added that his office has seen an increase in incidents such as this in recent years.

“The goal of the sheriff’s office, the school system, and everybody, is to educate the kids, to stop the spread of the photographs if we can,” he said.

David County Schools has released a statement on the photos:

“We are aware that some students in our middle schools had inappropriate photographs on their cell phone.  School administrators and parents are working with the Davie County Sheriff’s Department to investigate.  In an effort to educate our students about the dangers of sexting, vaping, social media, etc., we work with the Davie County Sheriff’s Department to conduct school assemblies to discuss these topics.  After one of these recent school assemblies, inappropriate photos on some students cell phones were reported to school administrators.  These reports are being addressed with the students and their parents and school disciplinary action has been taken.”​

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