Local groups help women fighting addiction

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They know what it feels like to hit rock bottom.

"My addiction went further than I ever wanted to go. I stayed longer than I ever wanted to stay and did things that I would never have done otherwise," Caseie Bullard said.

Heidi Fox has been down that road.

When her infant daughter was going to be placed in kinship, it triggered old habits.

"I was clean throughout my pregnancy and throughout the first several months of her life and I just lost it. I didn't know how to cope.  I didn’t know how to deal with it and so I went right back out into full force just using and running the streets and acting crazy,” she said.

Both Bullard and Fox connected with ministries that would help them out of their situations.

Bullard is going through a program through Tabitha Ministry.

Fox is in a program with Pierced Ministries & Rehab Services.

"So often they're coming straight out of detox or maybe they’re coming out of jail or they’re coming off the street, or a really bad situation," said Alice Meindl, co-executive director of Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services.

"Tabitha Ministry is something that’s been on my heart since 1997 when I started working in the women's prison and I saw a need for doing more than just a Bible study," said Cindi Wagner, CEO and founder of Tabitha Ministry.

Both groups are Christ-centered ministries that help women overcome addiction and other struggles in their lives.

"They're not coming because of the addiction, that's the manifestation of a deeper problem,” Meindl said.

Through the programs, lives are being transformed.

"I had a setback," Bullard said. "And the love that was shown to me through that experience changed me.”

"In the last four months, I've seen unconditional love from the other women," Fox said.

Soon the public will see the transformation that has been taking place.

Both ministries are getting ready for a fashion show called "I Am Enough."

The ladies in the programs are the models.

"Pierced and Tabitha have thrift stores that help support the ministries," Wagner said. "The fashion show is all about new life, what you can take that maybe has been cast out and now making it into something beautiful."

The I Am Enough fashion show benefiting Pierced Ministries & Rehab Services and Tabitha Ministry is Saturday, Feb. 24, at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church in High Point.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door or at the ministries' thrift stores, Tabitha's Closet or Pierced Ministries Thrift Store.

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