Cause of mystery foam in Davidson County creek revealed

Update: The foam is not hazardous; it's an organic soap coming from a company called AES doing some type of soil regeneration on Cunningham Road.

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- State workers are being called in to investigate some mysterious foam in Davidson County.

The foam, in a creek near Hwy. 109 and U.S. 64, is 4- to 8-feet high in some places, FOX8 has observed.

The foam has no odor and the water beneath it is clear.

"I have not seen anything like this before," said Alton Hanes, emergency management coordinator. "Typically in the spring sometimes our creeks will get a little bit sudsy, but not to this amount. Obviously, it is a foreign substance something that has been introduced to the creek so we want to make sure that we take care of that and protect the environment as well."

Hanes is calling in state management and the NC Department of Environmental Quality to help figure out what is causing the foam.