Accounting firm says client wants to buy Carolina Panthers

Bank of America (WSOC)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An accounting firm announced Tuesday that one of its clients wants to buy the Carolina Panthers, according to WSOC.

Signature Accounting, a full-service accounting firm that serves clients throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Georgia, announced that the Wittenberg Family Trust officially submitted a letter of interest on Feb. 14 to purchase the team.

“Signature Accounting is excited to announce the submission and acceptance of the official letter of interest to purchase the Carolina Panthers by the Wittenberg Family Trust,” said Marcia Bailey, owner of Signature Accounting. “The trust primary is a longtime football enthusiast and had strong ties to Walter Payton. Those strong ties are the sole reason for wanting to purchase the Panthers, as he continues to be inspired by Walter Payton’s legacy on and off the field.”

Bailey said that she and the Wittenberg Family Trust have also been in contact with the offices of Gov. Roy Cooper and Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson announced plans to sell the team after it was revealed that he is being investigated for workplace misconduct.

Earlier this month, Charlotte city leaders announced that there are six groups in the running to buy the team. Two of them are local and the rest are outside of North Carolina.