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Is technology to blame for the stock market’s recent volatility?

Over the last several weeks, the stock market has been all over the place. It was down, way down, see-sawing, way up, topsy-turvy, way down and then up again.

But what is to blame for how volatile numbers? Well, many professionals are blaming it on technology.

Stocks are trading lower with good reason, but computers have been responsible for some of the incredible volatility.

The Dow fell 800 points in 10 minutes on Feb. 12. It opened lower the next day but closed 567 points higher. The same thing happened Friday, with the Dow trading both 500 points lower and 500 points higher before closing up 330 points for the day.

Computer algorithms figure out buying and selling opportunities, which leads to some of the roller coaster rides we've seen recently. When bond yields hit a certain target, computers might start selling. When stocks hit a certain low point, they could start buying again.