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Burlington students get unique hands-on experience with augmented reality

BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Learning is definitely fun when it includes the Google Experience of augmented reality, and students at Newlin Elementary School in Burlington got the chance to experience it first-hand.

They aim their devices at a QR code on the floor and things come to life around them. Each grade level experienced different subjects -- from the ocean floor to dinosaurs.

Fifth-grade teacher Laura Hollister said everyone loved the experience.

"These days, technology is always developing and I worry about my kids not knowing that technology can be such a powerful tool," she says. "That to them it might just be another distraction or another form of communication. But to be 'no no no, I can show you the world through this' ... It's almost indescribable!"

The curriculum is carefully planned and includes many different aspects that the students will continue to explore even after the Google Experience ends.

"Now they can all go home and not just talk about like 'Oh I got to play with the school technology, but Mom, I saw a lobster today.'"

The augmented reality experience is just in the testing phase right now and is not commercially available.