Woman accused of tossing dog out of moving car because she was ‘frustrated’ with it

Janet Byas, 43.

PARKER COUNTY, Texas — A Texas woman is accused of tossing her dog out of a moving vehicle because she was “frustrated” with it, according to WFAA.

Janet Byas, 43, faces an animal cruelty charge after a video showed her throwing the tiny pup, named Pumpkin, out of her van.

A woman named Vanessa told WFAA that she found the dog, who survived the incident, on her property on Thursday. A further look at the video showed the vehicle’s license plate, which led authorities to Byas.

When questioned by Parker County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ricky Montgomery, Byas initially denied tossing the dog out of the vehicle. But when evidence of her involvement was presented to her, she admitted that she threw the dog out of the car because she was frustrated with it.

“She indicated that she was frustrated with the dog because it kept getting out of her property, and she couldn’t handle it anymore,” he said.

Byas has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.