Video allegedly shows daycare worker locking 3-year-old girl in bathroom

ARLINGTON, Fla. -- A Florida daycare is under fire after video appears to show a worker locking a 3-year-old inside a bathroom, according to WFOX.

One worker from Kids Quest Academy in Arlington, Florida, was forced to resign and another resigned for recording the video.

The video appears to show the worker pull the girl towards the bathroom before shoving her inside and locking the door.

Daycare director Patrice Walker told WFOX the child wasn't physically manhandled and that the 3-year-old slipped and fell when the teacher tried to pick her up from behind.

The State Department of Children and Families’ care facility handbook says corporal punishment is prohibited, which includes pulling, rough and harsh handling of children and isolating a child.


Brown says her daughter was scarred by the whole experience.

"Even going in the bathroom at home, she says there are monsters or zombies or ‘someone is going to get me in the bathroom,’” Brown said.

DCF is investigating during a 60-day window.