How some Piedmont Triad schools are responding to the mass shooting in Florida

The focus today at both Forsyth and Guilford County Schools was on the students. Administrators want children to feel safe, that is why counselors were available in both districts to answer any questions and talk about concerns.

After the shooting, some students in south Florida came forward to praise staff members’ bravery and execution of the emergency plan.

We checked in with local schools to see if any of their plans are changing after the mass shooting. Both GCS and WSFCS are not.

Jonathan Wilson is the security director at WSFCS. He says although they are not changing the protocols right now, anytime something like this happens they check to see what can be done better.

“We have had emails from parents, phone calls from principals saying, 'Are you sure about this procedure?' Is this how you want us to react?' and so

Wilson says emergency lock down drills are held at schools four times a year. Teachers also watch a video about the emergency plan at least once a year.

“If we don't practice something, then we are not going to be prepared for it,” Wilson said.

Each WSFCS school as an emergency plan specifically designed to it. Principals and assistant principals can access the plans on an app.

Other security measures at WSFCS include door buzzers, identification stickers and security cameras.

“I have a daughter in the school system here and I feel very comfortable with her going to school each and every day.” Wilson said.

Guilford County Schools have emergency drills twice a year. Teachers there go over the emergency plan before the school year and then again halfway through the year.

FOX8 received this statement from GCS Chief of Staff, Nora Carr:

“At Guilford County Schools, we work daily to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Principals work closely with our school resource officers and our law enforcement partners to develop plans, review safety protocols, train staff and conduct drills. Guilford County Schools is reminding all students, staff, parents and community members to follow the ‘If you know something, say something rule.””
we are going to send out some refreshers and make sure everyone feels comfortable,” Wilson said.