Greensboro launches ‘GSO Collects’ app to raise awareness of recycling

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The City of Greensboro is looking to get a little greener and they are hoping a new app for your smartphone called "GSO Collects" will help.

The city says they are also hoping it gives the community the tools they need to recycle properly.

"Contamination is a huge issue in Greensboro. The national average for garbage that is accidentally in the recycling can is five to 10 percent," said Greensboro Waste Reduction Supervisor Tori Carle. "Greensboro is hovering [around] 20-to-22 percent, so we are doing a really terrible job as a community at putting garbage in the recycling."

A key feature of the app is a search engine called the Waste Wizard. It will guide you through all your recycling problems.

You enter the object and it will tell you if it is recycling, whether or not it can be placed in your recycling bin, and if not, where you can take it to be recycled.

Carle says recycling correctly is more important than you think.

"You may not think a plastic bag is a dangerous item but that gets tangled in machinery and then someone has to put on climbing gear, put on extra safety gear and then they have to climb into those machines and cut them out by hand," he said.

"GSO Collects" is free to download and both iPhone and Android friendly.