Crafted expands into large new space in downtown Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Kris Fuller is an artist. You can tell from the artwork she displays on her arms and hands, the traditional artwork that hangs on the walls of her businesses, the food she prepares and the company she runs.

“I mean, it’s called ‘culinary arts’ for a reason,” she told me during a recent visit to her new, expanded restaurant, Crafted The Art of the Taco in downtown Greensboro.

“I had a friend who was kind of like helping me develop the logo originally (before our most recent logo) and he was like, ‘Yeah man, it’s like art of the taco.’ And I was like, ‘You hit the nail on the head.’”

We’ll get to the tacos (which are works of art in and of themselves) in a moment. But first the word, “crafted.”

“Crafted stems from handcrafted,” Kris says.

Hands are important to Kris. You even see a big image of one of her hands on one of the restaurant’s walls. Her right hand features a tattoo of a diamond to represent focus…

“… and the precision to the details that go into the food and the recipes,” she says.

The anchor tattoo on her left hand: “Staying grounded. Remembering where we come from. Where we started from.”

For Kris, it started as a child growing up in the Piedmont Triad and being influenced by her grandparents’ cooking.

“Some of my favorite things: my grandmother’s corn bread and my grandfather’s red beans and rice,” she says.

In high school, an apprenticeship at B. Christopher’s Restaurant in downtown Greensboro led to a series of other local restaurant jobs and a stint in New York City. Then she came back to Greensboro and had a conversation with her mom.

“And my mother wanted to retire early from the mortgage business,” she says. “And that’s when I said, ‘Hey, let’s open a restaurant together!’”

For more than five years, the two would run a bistro in the Adams Farm shopping center before opening the original Crafted The Art of the Taco downtown. In late January, she moved the operation to a much larger venue across the street.

As for the emphasis on the taco:

“It’s one of my favorite foods. I consider it an adult way to eat with your hands and not have to use utensils,” she said.

Kris and her mom actually served different types of tacos at the Adams Farm bistro and they were popular enough to make them the main focus when it came to the move downtown.

Today, the restaurant features 12 signature tacos, but you can mix and match ingredients. There are also multiple types of burgers among many other menu items.

“You know I think upon walking in the door and looking over the menu you realize these aren’t your traditional style tacos,” she said.

And while the concept may not be traditional, it has been successful. In addition to the new venue in Greensboro, there’s also a Crafted The Art of the Taco in downtown Winston-Salem and a Crafted The Art of Street Food restaurant in Greensboro.

For more information on the Crafted restaurants (including menus) click here.