Tree-trimming scams hit Greensboro neighborhoods

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Protective and cautious is how Melanie Rodenbough and dozens of others feel who live within the Sunset Hills neighborhood because of tree-trimming scams.

Community members met with the Greensboro Police Department Tuesday night. That's when they learned of tree-trimming scams in other nearby neighborhoods.

It's a reason why Sunset Hills Neighborhood Association Co-President Carl Phillips wants people to be alert.

"Well the concern there is somebody getting scammed," Phillips said.

Phillips said community members took action after hearing about the tree trimming companies in the area.

He said an email was sent out to 500 homeowners.

"We're aware of their scam and so is everybody else in their neighborhood," Phillips said.

Greensboro's Arborist Judson Clinton is also aware too.

"We see a lot of soliciting of work," Clinton said.

He said homeowners need to ask questions if a tree trimming company comes knocking on the door.

"Do you have proof of insurance, are you bonded?" Clinton said.

Also, do a little research to get to know more about the company.

"If they may have safety violations and pictures on their website, that's a big sign that you may want to look elsewhere for business," Clinton said.

He said safety doesn't come down to the homeowner if something happens.

"Typically it should be on the individual worker," Clinton said.

Clinton tells FOX8 companies aren't forced to have a permit to work within city limits.

This is the reason why he's working to make it a requirement in order to do so.

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