Advances for heart care at High Point Regional

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Technology advancement and renovations help to better care and comfort patients at High Point Regional Medical Center.

Renovations began approximately 18 moths ago to the Congdon Regional Heart Center.

Along with the consolidation of services new technology in the two electrophysiology labs, four new cardia catheterization labs with software updates for 3D X-ray imaging.

Dr. Kurt Daniel has been with the Interventional Cardiology department for about seven years and has seen the technology advance rapidly.

“We're building new operating rooms here, we're building new catherization labs, new observation areas for the comfort of our patients so that our patients can have a smoother more comfortable experience.” Daniel said. “Devices are getting smaller, they’re getting easier for physicians to use and the procedures have gotten progressively easier for the patients to tolerate with less complications and less pain."

While the technology has advanced, having a healthy lifestyle is an integral part and responsibility of everyone no matter their health history.

“The less active we are the more likely you are to have heart problems in the future. The more active they are, the better the blood pressure will be, the better the blood sugar will be, the less fat will be in the body,” Daniel said.

The renovations are slated for completion next year.

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