Residents approve of plans to make intersections safer in Winston-Salem

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Michaleh Snider has the same routine every morning, taking her daughter to school.

"I pick her up and put her over my shoulder, and we run across the street," Snider said.

She says she runs because she's too scared to walk.

"People, they don't slow down,” she said. “They don't look, and they don't watch for kids. It's terrifying."

She lives on Hawthorne Road near Academy Street -- one of the city’s busiest intersections with only one crosswalk and no crosswalk buttons.

"It's too much, too fast,” Snider said. "It's awful."

It's one of two dangerous intersections city leaders are planning to make a lot safer.

"This is just a commonsense approach to a problem that we've recognized for a long time," City Councilmember Dan Besse said.

On Monday, people got the chance to look at the city's plan to put four crosswalks and traffic signal buttons at Hawthorne Road and Academy Street.

From 2012 to 2016, six people were hit by vehicles near that corner.

Silas Creek Parkway and Miller Street will also get a new crosswalk and traffic signal button.

From 2012 to 2016, three people were hit by vehicles near the area.

“I think it's by the grace of God that more people haven't been injured," Snider said.

So far, the plans are getting good feedback.

"I walk a lot,” said Judi Wallace, who lives in Winston-Salem. “I see places where it's not quite as safe to cross the street so this is a great start."

It’s a start concerned parents like Snider say should have happened a long time ago.

"They have all the bike paths and stuff so if we're going to make it safe for bikes, why not make it safe for people to walk around too?" Snider said.

The next steps are for the plans to go before city council or the city manager.

If approved, the changes would be made by the summer.