Asheboro Summit Apartment residents upset over fire damage

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- For Bill Klumb, living at the Asheboro Summit Apartments for the past month has been frustrating.

“So, we are just stuck. Who's going to help us?” he asked. “Even the homeless people get their area cleaner than this. They don't lay down in all of this mess.”

Klumb says it’s a mess that has grown since an early morning fire back on Jan. 14 that started in one of the elevators.

It shut down the entire elevator system and forced people that live there to rely on the stairs.

“It's frustrating to have to come in the building from supposedly fresh air outside and inhale first breath, is terrible smoke odor,” Klumb said.

He says the building still has a lingering smell of smoke from the fire, which he and other residents said makes it hard to breathe.

As for the elevators, when Klumb led FOX8 up to his fifth-floor apartment we noticed one of the elevator's is taped off and still has damage to.

Klumb is in a wheelchair and says it's tough for him and others to get in and out.

“They can't get a gurney up here in an emergency,” he said.

A couple of weeks ago, he helped start the Asheboro Summit Apartments Tenants' Union and sent a letter to the city, housing and urban development and Ambling Properties Management, the company that owns apartment complex.

The group followed it with a list of complaints from the elevator not being fixed to the smoke residue and even questioning management's lack concern for the people here.

Ambling President Steve Harvey responded back in a letter that says, "there's no indication that Ambling has anything to do with the fire."

It went on to say that "the owner and management did and continue to do out of concern for our residents.”

It also states that they are working on mitigating the smoke smell and fixing the other elevator.

“I hope that we are going to get some help,” Klumb said.

Investigators tell us that the fire is still under investigation.

The chief fire inspector says that the building is up to code.​

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