911 call, new details released in Randolph County child abuse case

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- A Randolph County man accused of abusing his girlfriend’s child is going to face a judge later this month.

Dylon Kirkpatrick was arrested and charged after investigators says his girlfriend found her 1-year-old child unresponsive on Thursday. The child’s mother told investigators Kirkpatrick was watching the infant, his twin brother and her 3-year-old while she was working an overnight shift.

Kirkpartick was expected to be in court Monday afternoon, but a judge says his case was continued. Kirkpatrick already hired his own lawyer to defend him against the felony child abuse and assault with a deadly weapon charges he is currently facing.

On Monday, FOX8 learned from investigators that the deadly weapon was Kirkpatrick’s own hands.

FOX8 also obtained Kirkpatrick’s arrest warrant that said the child had bilateral bruising and a contusion on the back of his head.

The 911 call made by the victim’s mother, Samantha Baker, was also released on Monday. In the call, you can hear the her start to panic and she tries to get help for her infant.

“I have a 1-year-old that is not breathing,” Baker said to the 911 operator.

Baker then tells the 911 operator that her boyfriend (Kirkpatrick) is performing CPR on the child.

"We just found him like this,” Baker said to the 911 operator. “I just got home from work. He had just got him out of bed.”

Kirkpatrick is expected to be in court on Feb. 22.